Lavinia Parker

Parker, Lavinia 
Birth: ABT. 1796 Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: ABT. 1872 Transylvania Co, N.C.
Gender: Female
                       Father: Parker, William S. , Sr.
                       Mother: Anderson, Martha Pleasant
Marriage: 18 JUL 1816
Birth: 27 JAN 1797 N.C.
Death: 5 FEB 1876 Transylvania Co., N.C.
Gender: Male

                 Father: Owen, James
                 Mother: Right, Anna


1) Owen, James  (Married his first cousin, Elizabeth Parker - Parker, Elizabeth.)     

2) Owen, William Baxter , Sr. (His son, James Marion Owen (Owen, James Marion ), served as a 1st Lieutenant in Co. K, 62nd Regiment of North Carolina. Pension records reflect that his widow, Easter Marilza "Mattie" McCall (McCall, Easter Marilza), applied for Confederate Pension on December 15, 1929. She applied with his middle name "Marion" Owen.)

3) Owen, Jesse
4) Owen, John B. (May have served in the 46th North Carolina Regiment)
5) Owen, Elizabeth                                                                  6) Owen, Anna                                                 7) Owen, Mary      8) Owen,Rebecca                                                                 

9) Owen, Andrew Jackson (Fought in the Civil War, originally as a Confederate, but later with the Union.
Company K, 62nd North Carolina Infantry & 7th N.C. Cavalry Battalion. The 5th, 6th and 7th N.C. Cavalry Battalions consolidated into the 65th North Carolina Regiment - 6th Cavalry, a.k.a 65th North Carolina State Troops.
Confederate Army: Rank at Induction: Corporal/ Rank at time of reversal to the Union: Private
After fighting with the Union for some time, he went home for the birth of son, James Milford, in 1865 and never returned, so was never officially discharged from the Union Army. Moved after the war from Transylvania Co., to Wolf Mountain.)

10) Owen, Washington
11) Owen, Susan                                                 12) Owen, Harrison Huston

13) Owen, Francis Marion (Enlisted as Private in Confederate Army 10 Mar 1862. Co. L. 38th Inf. Reg., GA. POW on 19 Sep 1864 at the Battle of Opequon Third Winchester Virginia. 

He arrived on 19 Sep 1864, at Point Lookout, MD. Admitted 16 Feb 1865, to Jackson Hospital, Richmond, VA. Furloughed on 9 Mar 1865 - 60 days.)

14) Owen, Thomas (Died of rabies)
Birth: 1838 N.C.
Death: BET. 1850 - 1860 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
                                                                           15) Owen, Ancel  (Death: BET. 1861 - 1865 in Civil War. Service record UNKNOWN.
Marriage: 21 NOV 1858 in Henderson Co., N.C., to Alsey Priscilla Banther (Banther, Alsey Priscilla ), she was first married to Ancel's brother, Washington Owen. Her brother, Michael Marion Banther (Banther, Michael Marion ), served in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment. Another brother, George Washington Banther (Banther, George Washington ), served in the 35th Regiment of Georgia. Only two Banthers are recorded as serving in the Confederate States of America (CSA). George Washington Banther married Sarah Lavada Galloway (Galloway, Sarah Lavada),,
daughter of James Galloway (Galloway, James) and Sarah Parker (Parker, Sarah ). Sarah Parker is the sister of Lavinia Parker.)
                                                                                   16) Owen, Sarah

Notes: Mary Owen and Susan Owen, married brothers. Mary married William M. McCall (McCall, William M. ) and Susan married Jehue Chastain McCall (McCall, Jehue Chastain ). Their brother Andrew Jackson Owen married the McCall's sister, Mary Ann McCall (McCall, Mary Ann ). Easter Marilza McCall (McCall, Easter Marilza  ) married James Marion Owen (Owen, James Marion ), son of William Baxter Owen, Sr., their brother. Several of William Baxter Owen Senior's children married their second or third cousin. Rebecca Owen and Anna Owen married Garren brothers. Rebecca married William Riley Garren (Garren, William Riley ), and Anna married John Garren (Garren, John ). Jesse and John married two sisters. Jesse married Judia Reid (Reid, Judia ), and John married Malinda Reid (Reid, Malinda ). Alsey Priscilla Banther (Banther, Alsey Priscilla ) married Washington Owen, then later married his brother, Ancel Owen.

Notes for James Owen [number 1 above]:

Owen, William Jackson  [married his first cousin, Elizabeth Jane Owen (Owen, Elizabeth Jane ). She is not to be confused with his sister, Elizabeth Jane Owen. William and Elizabeth's son, William Sherman Owen, married Sarah Rhodes. Sarah's father, Thomas Wilburn Rhodes and her grandfather, Milton Rhodes, served in the 39th North Carolina Infantry Regiment. Notes for Milton and Thomas Rhodes: RHODES, Milton, Pvt., Co. B, 39th Regt. NC Infantry, CSA; md. Mary Norris
RHODES, Thomas W., Pvt., Co. B, 39th Regt. NC Infantry, CSA; s/o Milton Rhodes and Mary Norris; md. 1) Margaret M. Carpenter; 2) Mary A. T. Carpenter. Oral History: Jerry Owen on March 11, 2006:
the family story is that Milton and Mary did not desire Thomas to join the army since he was only 17.]

Conversation with Cousin Jerry Owen in March 2006:

This is the way it happened [I used to drive my Aunt Fredna crazy saying stuff this way; you know not very genealogy conventional].
John W Owen married Lavinia Parker and they had some kids, eldest kid was James Owen. James Owen married Lizzie Parker and had some kids; second kid was William Jackson Owen. William Jackson Owen married Elizabeth Jane Owen and they had some kids, second kid was William Sherman Owen. William Sherman Owen married Sarah Elizabeth Rhodes. William Sherman and Sarah had some kids; seventh kid was Jesse Luon Owen. Jesse Luon Owen married Laura Mac Richey and they had some kids, second kid was Jesse L Owen Jr. Jesse L Owen Jr. married Velma Marie Murphy, they got busy [real busy] and had several children [10] eldest being your truly Jerry Lynn Owen. So now you know the “rest of the story." Thomas was Sarah Elizabeth Rhodes father and my great great grandfather. And it really did happen just that way!! Oral History: Jerry Owen on March 11, 2006: the family story is that Milton and Mary would not allow Thomas to join the army since he was only 17. Family "oral history" says Milton was wounded at the battle of Atlanta and captured there. I know father and son were separated at some point until after the war.


Elizabeth Jane Owen died in 1884 in Ninevah, North Carolina, while giving birth to the twins Albert and Alice. William Jackson died in1889 after being kicked by a cow. We have no idea as to his loyalties or service in the Civil War. But, I find it somewhat indicative of motive that he gives middle names to their sons as Sherman, McClellan, and another Grant. Another thing that needs some attention is the circulating story of James Owen killing an Indian chief--we do not believe that at all. James did not leave the area until 186/'61—so it took him a long time to get scared? I think the real reason he moved was the terrible turmoil going on around him regarding the “clouds of war” brewing on the horizon. I think he thought he could save his sons from involvement by moving to the wild country of GA.

Notes for Milton and Thomas Rhodes:

Rhodes Milton--Private
Resided in Macon County where he enlisted at age 43, Oct 1, 1863, for the war. Present or accounted for through February 1864. Wounded near Atlanta, Georgia, July 19, 1864. No further records.
Rhodes Thomas W.--Private
Resided in Macon County where he enlisted at age 16, October 19, 1861. Mustered in as Corporal. Reported present during February--April 1862. Reduced to ranks subsequent to April 30, 1862. Discharged on November 10, 1862. Apparently reenlisted in the company on an unspecified date. Captured at Spanish Fort, Mobile, Alabama, April 8, 1865. Confined at Ship Island, Mississippi, April 10, 1865.
Transferred to Vickburg, Mississippi, May 1, 1865. Received at Camp Townsend near Vicksburg on May 6, 1865. Released on an unspecified date.

Summary of the 39th North Carolina Infantry Regiment:

The 39th took part in the Cumberland Gap operations, and then saw action in the Battle of Perryville. Assigned to Walthall's, McNair's, and Reynold's Brigade, it fought with the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, and then endured Hood's winter campaign in Tennessee. In 1865 it shared in the defense of Mobile.

The 39th engaged Sherman and suffered casualties. This regiment was all over the Western Theater, and at Vicksburg, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, and Mobile. While serving under General Hood they defended Atlanta, and the South lost over 8,000 men in this bloody campaign. In 1864 the North not only enjoyed its numerical superiority, but was now producing large quantities of breech-loading rifles, and this greatly influenced the outcome. Here is one of the better sites with references. Scroll about half way down the first page for the defense of Atlanta. Page 2 displays a partial officers' roster:

A Brief History of the 39th: 39th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

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